Whatever the Weather - Book

Following the pleasure of transforming NEW HORIZONS into an award-winning book, it will hardly surprise you that I would also like to make Whatever the Weather accessible and shareable in the shape of a book. I am to do this in a print run of 432 copies. All portraits will be in real size. The pages will measure 22.7 x 35cm.

For a few months, I have been deliverating on the design of this new book. In collaboration with designer Sybren Kuiper and binder Wytze Fopma, I am searching for a form which allows:
- All portraits to be viewed in real size;
- Individually, so you get to meet them one by one;
- At eye level to allow for the richest possible encounter.

The book will be free of text, thus not contain any reports of the encounters. Just portraits. The size will be approximately 23x35x10cm, weight estimate: 5kgs. Bound as a flatbook with hard cover, foldable to become a standard on which every portrait can be set to rest. A blank dummy/prototype will soon be available.

So far, the following project partners have been involved:
Sipke Visser, photo processing (completed);
Sebastiaan Hanekroot, lithography (completed);
Sybren Kuiper, design (in progress);
Wytze Fopma, binding.

Sebastiaan and Sipke working, in Apeldoorn and London

The journey so far

If you like to know how Whatever the Weather is reaching its form and which choices we have made, you can read my blog post: Making Whatever the Weather work as a book . If you want to read about what it was like to first meet the 144 portraits on paper, in real size, you can read my blogpost They are here now, all 144 (translations by Google Translate).


If you wish to contribute to the physical publication of Whatever the Weather - financially, conceptually, technically or in any other way - please let me know.

Also feel welcome to pre-order the book at € 144. The book will be published in a print run of 432 copies and eventually cost € 288.

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