About Whatever the Weather

Meaningful Encounters. That's my theme for 2018. Meetings that are free of hurry and hassle, surpassing limitations in time and space. Aiming to direct all of our attention to outselves, each other and our meeting. Finding out what this meeting allows into existence that would otherwise not be likely to happen.

I foresee that this skill of opening up to meaningful encounters will be a vital one in the time we live in. By reclaiming this ability, I believe this will help me contribute to more warmth and vitality. For myself and my near surroundings and for society at large. I feel like this is what is up to me to work on in 2018, and that - by accepting this mission, that I will have access to all resources required for this project.


Prior to the Whatever the Weather, I spent an entire year interviewing over 2700 young Europeans about their daily lives, while travelling all member states of the European Union. I am happy to contribute this experience to Whatever the Weather.

In 2012, I investigated the theme of Space and Tranquillity through my project NEW HORIZONS, which had me photograph the North Sea horizon for an entire year, at every full hour of that year. I wish to make this space and tranquillity available within the scope of the 144 encounters that will together make up Whatever the Weather.

About myself

Should you like to read more about myself and other previous projects, please visit my home page www.photologix.nl.

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