Dear guest,

Using below form, you can sign up for a copy of the forthcoming book I am working on: Whatever the Weather. By doing so, you express your intention to purchase a copy once it is published.

The numbers I for now use in estimations amount to € 50.000 for the design and print run of 432 copies. Resulting in a cost price of € 120. Eventually, the sales price will rise to € 288. If you sign up now, you will pay the discounted price of € 144 per copy (all prices excusive of 9% VAT). You will receive a confirmation of your pre-order and an invoice by e-mail.

I do not yet know when the book will be ready or what it will look like. But I will happily keep you posted of all progress, so you will not be unpleasantly surprised.

Lasse examining the first copy of my previous book NEW HORIZONS, oktober 2014