Dear guest,

If you landed on this page, that because you at least consider contributing to the reallisation of my dream and wish to publish Whatever the Weather as a book and work of art. Thank you very much.

I am happy to tell you what you can expect when you place a pre-order:

- You will receive a confirmation and an invoice for the amount of your order;
- I keep you posted about the progress in financing and production, so you can join the adventure of bringing this book to life;
- When the book is ready, I will send you an invitation to the book presentation and celebration.

I do not yet know when the book will be finished. My first book took me two months to publish. My previous book (NEW HORIZONS) took me two years. Working on Whatever the Weather has already taking longer than that. I am taking the time the book needs.

This is where you can sign up

You can use below form to sign up for your own copy of Whatever the Weather. Your pre-order helps me publish this book, and reward the people who contribute to it, for the skills and love they invest.