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Expositie Whatever the Weather
vr 9 oktober - zo 29 november 2020
Kunstzaal De Bron, The Hague

Meaningful encounters. That's what I invite you to experience this autumn, in my studio Kunstzaal de Bron. Surrounded by nine NEW HORIZONS that have not been printed before, I will exhibit the first copy of my new book Whatever the Weather. The book comprises all 144 self portraits taken by people with each of whom I spent one day walking along the beach in 2018.

The portraits have all been taken at eye level, on Scheveningen's South Pier, at the end of every encounter. Inside the book, all of their faces are shown in actual size. Thanks to the achitecture of the book, the people all come to life.

Thoughout the exhibition, you're welcome to visit Kunstzaal de Bron on Saturdays between 11AM and 4PM. If you would like to visit the book and horizons at another moment, please let me know by e-mail, or through below form.

We'll be happy to see you!

Visit the opening: Friday 9 October, 4 - 7 PM

Visit the finissage: Sunday 29 November, 2 - 5 PM

If you wish to visit the exhibition at another day or time, please let me know when. If you include your address, I will send you the invitation to the exhibition by mail.