Meaningful Encounter. To me, that`s a gathering of two or more people. One that matters and makes a difference. With as little as possible standing in the way to provide maximum bandwith for the encounter from being to being. With Space, Tranquillity and Undivided Attention as valuable ingredients.

Now why would that be important?

I believe that the way we relate, determines the quality of our lives. I even believe that the art of meeting meaningfully is the next big thing. Urgent, relevant, vital. I think we all win by a more sensible, more inclusive, more constructive way of dealing with each other.

And by winning, I don`t mean the old type of winning. The type of their gain is my loss and vice versa. I don`t mean the Survival of the Fittest, of endless exploitation and commoditisation. I do refer here to a new way of living together in which everybody can take their own place, and allow everybody else to do the same. A world of plenty, in which I believe we already live without noticing.

I also believe that this transformation is a demanding one. I see the concept of being yourself be surrounded by confusion and discomfort. What remains of you, when you drop off all the roles and masks that you have been handed over the course of time? Ideas of how you ought to be, what rights you have and who may be coming over to take them from you?

Can you trust, see and experience yourself fully? Can you meet life, the future, the other to the fullest? Including all that`s beautiful and ugly. And beyond, where the difference between those two loses its meaning. Opinions and judgments remain, but lose their gravity. Where all is as it is, because that`s where it is

Beyond confrontaion, towards liberation.
Of yourself, and the other.

After completing the 144 encounters that make up Whatever the Weather, I continue inviting people to meaningful encounters. The page Invitation describes how and where, and how you can contribute.

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